Under the tutelage and supervision of Mike S. Myers, our team provide a range of audio services for the television, film, music and media industry, specialising in original soundtracks. We create sound design and music for feature film, TV, radio advertising, online entertainment and record production.


Possessing excellent songwriting ability and track production skills, our songwriter-producers are involved every step of the way in the songs they choose to write or take on—from the writing process to the studio and everything in between.

Original music and title tracks tailored specifically to the film's theme or score, from an award winning composer.

A good film music soundtrack has the ability to characterize and enhance the audience's emotional experience.

Looking for low cost original music for your online videos? We have the perfect royalty free music solution.

We can create a wide array of musical genres and production styles for your TV Commercials and Advertising: segues, stingers, 30 and 60 second cues...

"Let It Go" from Disney’s Frozen, is adapted into 25 different languages. Let us take care of your Localization (music translation).

Let us provide the music for your Gaming and Mobile Apps: video game, software application, mobile phone app, electronic game, toy...


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